Phase 2 Korean BBQ celebration


316 SE 123rd Ave #C3, Vancouver, WA 98683

6 1/2 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩🍗 out of 10

Well It’s been a while hasn’t it? With the world seeming to have been on lockdown for the last few months we foodies have had to content ourselves with cooking at home and takeout for far too long. So when Vancouver decided to enter phase two of reopening we here at Sibling Grubbery knew we need to treat ourselve to a very good meal. So with that in mind we went to check out King Kong Korean BBQ for some all you can eat delights.;

This Korean Eatery has been feeding the people of Vancouver for the last year or so, taking the place of the now past Mongolian Grill that served this Mill Plain location and although we miss our Mongolian noodles we have to say that King Kong more than fills their shoes. With a friendly staff and slick clean interior you feel very comfortable even before being seated.

Now while this tasty little spot does offer single entree of Korean favorites which are all well and good, priced fairly between $12-18 what you really will want to try when you come down here is their All you can eat BBQ

This offer is what makes Koran bbq less of just a meal and more of an adventure. With a grill built into the middle of the table you and your friends can enjoy grilling your own prepared meats table side, and so long as you and your group can keep eating they will continue bringing on more and more varieties from their selection until you are all satisfied.

Ranging from the simple chicken garlic or teriyaki, to the traditional pork or beef bulgulgi. You can start there and work your way towards the more adventurous proteins such as miso pork belly, squid, scallops and beef intestines. Although if that’s too much for your stomach there is no shame in ordering more short ribs instead

And yes this is not the most vegetarian friendly spot so don’t go inviting you vegan buddies for a party, of one person orders the all you can eat bbq the whole table must as well bearing that in mind with your bbq you can be sure to get a few non meaty sides. With bean sprouts and kimchi, to spicy daikon and rice cakes not to mention delicious cheesy corn that you can grill and eat up with your rice. There’s no doubt you will be leaving King Kong with a full belly.

Now for pricing King Kong can be a little on the spendy side. With their Dinner Bbq at $24.95 and their Premium Dinner at $31.95 which is the regular assortment of meat with a more high end items included such as shrimp, scallops and fuller steaks. This place is not at all cheap meal for two, but we have to say is well worth coming if you are feeling the need to treat yourself to something nice or take someone out for their birthday. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

And for our foodies this on a budget we recommend coming by at lunch time to have their lunch special ayce. At $19.95 its a good way to try out what Ling Kong has to offer without breaking the bank. Although note it does not include quite as many dishes as the others, but we doubt you’ll leave unsatisfied.

Don’t forget a Soju drink if you’ve had a long day.

End of the day we give King Kong Korean Bbq Six and a half meats of out ten!

🥩 🥩 🥩 🥩🥩🥩🥩🍗

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