Dinner and a Movie

Studio One Theater

3945 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202


With Portland still not quite reopened businesses have had some trouble starting up again and Theaters in general are not going to releasing new films for a while.

But thankfully the owners at Studio One have decided that if they cannot reopen as a cinema they can and will reopen as a restaurant.

With their individuality crafted cinema rooms each showing a different cityscape from around the world. Wherever you dine in this Globe trotting eatery will have you feeling wonderful. From the plush lounges and comfortable chairs, to the built in fireplaces and nighttime cityscapes on the walls. This is a most cozy and intriguing place to eat and catch a film.

Now if you are wondering if they still have popcorn like a regular theater. Don’t worry they certainly do, but this movie snack has been elevated with the options of in house seasonings. With the option of herbs de Provence which give the popcorn a herbaceous and savory taste which is nice, to the powdered honey seasoned popcorn which is mind blowingly good. The subtle sweetness spread throughout complimented with the occasional crunchy cluster full of intense flavor. After you’ve had these tastes you may not be able to go back to plain buttered in your future.

With a full dinner menu offering starters such as Hummus, Caesar or beet salads and entrees from Pasta Primavera, to Yakisoba Katsu or the always welcome NY Steak and King Salmon. There is no lack of choices when you come here to dine.

If you really want variety though you will want to try their appetizer sampler plate. With options of choosing up to seven choices for $29. There is plenty of selection.

For our outing we decided to try the cheese selection featuring choices of Brie or Manchego. Along with the Bruschetta nicely grilled with a herby spread and topped with cherry tomatoes, some well made Polenta Fries served with house dipping sauce, and Mushroom Risotto Fritters which were fried perfectly with a lightly cheesy center and savory bite to them. Not to mention the Elote style Corn lightly grilled and served halved, seasoned with light butter, cotija cheese, cilantro and lightly spicy seasoning.

This combination of mains, finger foods and cheeses come together to make an excellent dining experience.

But let’s be honest. No meal is truly complete without dessert. And Studio One does not disappoint. White Chocolate Bread Pudding ordered at the beginning of the meal and they let you choose how long until you want them to bring it out. So you can be sure not to have to wait for this hot dessert fresh from the oven with a gooey caramel, hazelnuts and Ice cream scoop.

All in all this was not only a tasty dining experience, but a fun one as well. With the world being as stressful as it has been this year we really do need a little fun in our lives.

Although for our foodies on a budget we do have to admit this is not a cheap eats. If you’re planning a trip out here expect to be spending at around $60 for two. $80 or more if you are planning on dessert and cocktails. Still we can not recommend anywhere better for a fancy date night.

We give Studio One Eight Popcorns out of Ten 🍿 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

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