Mardi Gras Munchies

Screen Door

2337 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

With Lent coming on with Ash Wednesday and fasting and no meats on Fridays, well we here at Sibling Grubbery and ready to indulge a little less these next several weeks.

That being said. It also means that Fat Tuesday has come and let us enjoy the festive Mardi Gras traditions of food, drink and good times. And where better did we start these good times as Screen Door with its New Orleans inspired menu and and welcoming southern charm. So let’s dig in!

Super crowded. Must mean the food is good!

Now one thing to mention about Screen Door is there will be a wait. Doesn’t matter when you go, this popular southern spot is always packed with seating inside, outside and at the bar at a premium. To avoid the worst of the crowds we attempted our entry on a Monday afternoon and even then we still had to wait a bit for a table for two.

That being said it is worth the effort to squeeze your way in here. The wait staff was busy but always seemed to make time for us. The food was quickly brought out so we were hardly left starving in our seats and more important the taste was perfect.

Gotta respect a good Gun-bo.

Now for starters, because we can’t resist a good Appetizer we tried the Gumbo. Made with Andouille sausage and chicken, cooked spicy but not overbearing, with just the right thickness to the stew so it fills you up right but doesn’t stick to your mouth hard. This served in a cup with a healthy drop of rice in the middle was so good. You’d forget your entree was still coming. Now along side these we also sampled the Black eyed pea Fritters, imagine a flat hush puppy perfectly crispy crunch on the outside but fluffy inside and with a dipping sauce so yummy after you finish the fritter you may just stick a spoon in to keep the flavor going and you’ll understand why we were very happy with our choices to start.

But then comes the entrees.

Now we can all agree that Huevos Rancheros are a good basic breakfast choice. But here at Screen door they give it something a little extra. These huevos with their freshly crises tortillas and home made definitely not from can black beans are served with a deep and Smokey Beef Brisket with when all eaten together elevate this simple dish into something worth bragging about to tour friend who didn’t this brunch guest list.

No Time for knife and fork. Use the Katana!

But now Southern food is all about that crispy fried chicken, and thankfully the south obliges us breakfast goers with a choice of morning meals where we can sneak in a deep fried treat with out morning hot chocolate. Chicken and Waffles!

Now these are no ordinary chicken and waffles like you might find at an IHOP or KFC. This here is some boneless chicken breast butterflies and cooked with a bright crunchy crust but a light and tender meat interior. Serves with well cooked waffles that surprisingly had a spice cake interior. Making them a bit more seasoned to match the chicken and a little less sweet. Giving us a good excuse to drizzle our plates chicken and all with some real maple syrup.

Now for our foodies on a budget. screen door is mid range for their menu prices. With Appetizers around $6-9 which isn’t too bad at all and lunch entrees about $13-17 which can get a bit pricey if you aren’t paying attention to what you order. You can expect about a $40-50 bill for two here

So this is hardly a huge expense but not a cheap date either. Still a good place to take friends or family to show off your good taste.

We give Screen Door Nine 🧇🍗🧇🍗🧇🍗🧇🍗🧇 out of Ten!!

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