Delicious Deep Fried Comfort Food

Baes Fried Chicken

225 SW Ash St, Portland, OR 97204

The chicken is always watching you. ALWAYS!

Fried chicken is something we all enjoy. From the Japanese karaage, to the German schnitzel and even the Thailand gai tod. But here in the USA nothing quite comforts us as well and Southern style fried chicken and Baes is doing their best to bring that tasty treat into the heart of Portland. So goodbye Popeyes and Chick filet. We don’t need you anymore. Because Baes is our new one and only.

Located in the heart of downtown right around the corner from Voodoo Donuts you might miss this delicious little spot hidden in a smaller side street. Yet once you get inside you will be greeted with warm colors and bright friendly people ready to help you order from the counter.

More importantly though you will be greeted with a colorful selection of frozen slushy drinks to try and yes before you ask. They can be spiked! So to test these out we had to try a strawberry slush with a tequila blend and a frozen lemonade with vodka. These drinks not only were delicious but also a little strong so make sure you aren’t heading to work after a couple of these. At $4 a drink +$3 for a shot. It’s hard to stop at one.

We personally enjoyed our food and slushes in the outdoor area and we found this spot has something special. Sitting under a covered greenhouse roofing. Surrounded by classic brick and mortar And kept dry and warm by various discrete heat lamps you’ll feel like you are sitting outside on a New Orleans street on a comfortable warm day.

Stormtrooper always stealing my my fries

But let’s focus on the most important thing here. The food!

This chicken is so hot and crispy on the outside but has all the juiciness of the chicken you dream of. The kind of meal so good you’ll keep eating it even if it’s burning your mouth and you just won’t care. With options of regular, spicy or extra spicy we went with the middle ground of just spicy. Tossed in spices and sauce like Louisiana Hot Chicken should even the just spicy was hot enough that our lips were bright red by the end of the meal, but so addicting was this chicken that we didn’t care! Still may need to work out way up to extra spicy 🌶!!!

So full… so spicy…..

And not to forget the sides. The Waffle Fries are so perfectly cooked and seasoned you won’t even need ketchup! The collard greens are made just right avoiding most restaurants tendency to overcook, and the mashed potatoes and gravy will make you feel like your grandma came over for thanksgiving dinner. We gouged ourselves on this food and left with full stomaches and no complaints.

Now for you foodies on a budget

The prices here are a bit more than a fast food chicken for sure but still for the quality of this chicken very reasonable. At $8-9 for two piece chicken and if you’re getting sides they are about $5 a piece for the greens, mashed or waffle fries. And the drinks at $4-7 depending if you want alcohol. So if you go her for lunch expect to pay about $20 per person.

But again for the quality, the experience and the atmosphere it is worth it! Be prepared for a new favorite chicken!

We give Baes Fried Chicken 🍗🌶🍗🌶🍗🌶🍗🌶🍗🌶 Ten spicy Chicken Legs out of Ten!

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